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            STARTING AT $1,250         

                                       The Full Wedding Planner            Minimal Wedding Planner                                             Moderate Wedding Planner         Month /Day Of Coordinator

Micro Wedding Planner OR COVID-19 Social Distancing Coordinator


                                 SPECIAL MOMENTS PACKAGES 


                                         Bi-Monthly Coaching Package

                                                              Hourly Day of Coordination 

                                                  Pre-Wedding Weekend Activities Photography Packages 

                                                                            Invitations, Cards & Wedding Albums
                                                                                             Photo Selfie Booth  

Words of Kindness  

                                                                        Behind the Scenes 

Bi-Monthly Coaching

Bride and Groom just need advice and reassurance that
they are on the right track.

Bi-Monthly Meetings

This package includes:

Fun Activities

Complementary Rentals (Some rules apply)

Hourly Day Of Coordinator

You choose the event you would like for me to Over See: (Some rules apply)

 Over See all or certain Vendors

 Over See Cocktail Hour/Entertainment

 Coordinate Reception

 Coordinate Farewell (Complimentary rental items)

Unlimited Consultations with you via telephone/email/in person

Micro Wedding Coordinator

COVID-19 Social Distance Wedding Coordinator

This package is for a small wedding of 40 or less guest. Allowing you to get that dream wedding you always wanted with less guest, but more fun!

This package includes:

4 Hours of service

Four (4) Client / Planner meetings

Unlimited consultation with you via telephone /emails/in person COVID-19 social distance apply

More great details for your theme wedding

Give your guest special favors, due to the smaller guest number

Also includes

1- 6x6 Premium Wedding Album

1- Special Moments Professional Photographer 

Month Of  Wedding Coordinator

You would like to do all of the planning yourselves, but when the Wedding Day arrives, the two of you will need a Professional to execute all the hard work that you have done.

This package includes:

Two (2) Client/Planner meetings (1) month prior to the Wedding Day

Unlimited consultations with you via telephone/email/in person
(Within the 1 month)

Discounts (Some rules apply)

and much more!

6+ Months Of Minimal Wedding Planning

You realize planning your Wedding requires a little more help then you thought.

This includes:

 Four (4) Client/Planner Meetings

Coordinate ceremony rehearsal 

Unlimited Consultations with you via telephone/email/in person

Discounts  (Some rules apply)

and so much more!

8+ Months Of Moderate Wedding Planning

As your Moderate Wedding Planner, your Wedding will be Stress Free!

This package includes:

 Five (5) Client/Planner Meetings

RSVP Tracking

Coordinate ceremony rehearsal

Assistance with wording of all stationary

Unlimited Consultations with you via telephone/email/in person

Discounts (Some rules apply)

and that's not all!

10+ Months Of Full Wedding Planning

As your Certified Wedding Planner, It will be my pleasure to ensure your Wedding design has a cohesive feeling from beginning to end.

This package includes:

Unlimited Consultations with you via telephone/email/in person

All of the above packages, plus much more!!

Discounts (Some rules apply)

This package is loaded!

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Pre-Wedding Weekend Activities 

$100 per hour 

Make your Wedding Weekend special for the wedding party and out of town guest!

 Hold your date with a non-refundable $50 deposit. The balance is subtracted from the final amount. We accept cash, money orders, Personal Checks and credit cards (Online PayPal options). Note that prices are subject to change at any time; however, your prices are locked upon confirmation of booking.

All Photography Service come with an On line Photo Gallery. This is a private password protected gallery and clients, family, and friends may log in, view & purchase - prints Products and Downloads. 



Engagement or Bridal party





                                                                                                                                                                            Sunday Brunch /Rehearsal Dinner                                        

Second Photographer at your Event

Please Enter Your Gallery Code:


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  Make your guest feel like a Super Star!

Get the WOW factor that every host dreams of by decorating your party or reception with our
Selfie Photo or Video Back Drop. 

This is a single service only. It is not combined with Photography Services or Videography Services 

Call (804) 712-5139 or e-mail for complete details


No limit on Selfie Photo and Videos taken

3- 6 Hours of Coverage

Fun Props

Selfie Stick 


   Standee stand

Online Viewing for guest to order images

1- 2 Assistant

1 Location

What Do You Get?

1 DVD Video (Unedited) of the photo/video back drop for you to enjoy
1 CD of Professional Images for you to enjoy and share          

Backdrop Only
Video and Photo Selfie Station without Props and Standee, no set up fee
3 hours $300 no setup fee!

Best Time To Use This Package:   

During Pre-Ceremony the Wedding Party and guest can pose with out props

Entertain the guest during Cocktail hour

 During the Reception everyone can join in on the fun

Guest can instantly post images on social media

You will receive a DVD of the video

Video and Photo Selfie Station with Props, Backdrop
Personalized Chalkboard Standee   

See images below
5 hours $700, setup fee $75.00

Best Time To Use This Package:

During Pre-Ceremony the Wedding Party and early guest can give their Best wishes to the Bride and Groom
while posing with props

Entertain the guest during Cocktail hour with props and video

During Reception everyone can join in on the fun

Guest can instantly post images on social media

You will receive a DVD of the video


Let your guest be free to pose at either background or frame standee for selfie photos.
Your reception will be remembered for years to come.

Professional Photographer
 6 hours $800, set up fee $85.00

Backdrop, Props,  Standee,  Background
or  Picture Frame Standee.. note: Props may vary


Best Time To Use This Package:

During Pre-Ceremony the Wedding party and guest can pose with props = 2 hour

Entertain the guest during Cocktail hour with prop posing = 1 hour

During Reception everyone can join in on the fun = 3 hours

Group Photos of guest taken with the couple (Some rules apply)

You will receive a CD of the images (Some rules apply)



Contact me: Wanda, your Wedding Planner 

To order your Personalize Cards or Premium Lay Flat Wedding Albums, please fill out the contact form below.
This package includes: 2 Hours complimentary Photo Shoot

(some rules apply)

Thank You!

Contact me: Wanda, Chester, Va


"Mrs. Brown, Connie and I still talk about how professional you are at organizing events, just knowing you coordinated our wedding from Chester, Virginia while we live here in North Carolina is so awesome!  We also appreciate that every month for a year you would email us a monthly guideline checklist. But the best part was to see you again on the day of our wedding. Thank you for all you've done by distance and in-persons."

Connie and D.

"Ms. Wanda, we sent this picture to thank you as a family for planning such a wonderful wedding ceremony after we had to cancel the first one due to the storm. My husband and I cant thank you enough for the loving heart and kindness you shown towards my family and friends with the reschedule ceremony. It was quite fun how you had to stage us for our photo shoot. I know it was hard trying to hide the empty seats since I had less guest :) but you made it look great and effortless. Every picture turned out great. I see why you pick the name Special Moments Professional Photography & Videography.

Carol and James and family

Wanda Brown is genuine and sweet to work with. She has deals on her packages.

Shamece and Cory



Hope and Family

Precious and Miguel


Call to set up an appointment


It would be my pleasure to serve you on your
Special Day!

No wedding is too small. Take advantage of my
Day - Of Coordinator hourly rate package.

Wanda Brown
Certified Wedding Planner



Caring for tired








                                                                                      Helping the couple 

getting ready

                                                                                     Pinning on Corsages

Formal Portrait- Set Up

                                                                           Entertaining children
                                                                           of the Wedding party


Final details

Making sure the make-up is
applied the way the bride desires

Chester, Va Wedding Planner - Wanda's Wedding Planning.

Special Moments Professional Photography & Videography Serving Chester, VA  - Richmond, VA -  Colonial Heights ,VA
Petersburg, VA & Hopewell, VA

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